Welcome to MomAids.com a site showcasing simple innovativeMaternity Hold-Ups are patented suspenders designed to wear with all types of maternity outfits solutions and products to help out busy mom's. You'll wonder why they didn't think of that sooner. All from the creative mind running Holdup Suspender Company with US Patented ideas from visions to realities. First up will be Super Soft Maternity Suspenders designed to wear under maternity blouses to holdup maternity pants, shorts and skirts for normal and plus size women. Imagine no more hitching up your maternity pants all day long!

Tired of always having to hike up your maternity pants? Introducing Maternity Under-Ups™ ..  the most comfortable way to Holdup your maternity pants, shorts and skirts with a exclusive undergarment suspender made to comfortably fit you during all stages of your pregnancy. Introductory price is only $19.95 and you get 30 day money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Normal, or Plus-size Maternity Holdup Suspenders make the perfect baby shower gift of comfort for all expectant Moms.  These carry USA Patent # 8,209,779 granted on July 3rd 2012 and sell for 19.95 per pair.

Indroductory sale with $5 off regular price on the Maternity Hold-Ups.TOTALLY UNIQUE - super soft Maternity Suspenders made to wear comfortably under your maternity blouses and shorts. The thick ace bandage type elastic fabric, with our unique Holdup no slip clips, were designed for the ladies tired of always hiking up their maternity pants. Simply slide these on on like a vest or backpack and they quickly attach with just 2 waistband snap open/shut clips. Works for all stages of pregnancy from the loose fitting clothes stage... to plus sizes... and finally special late term maternity clothes for pregnant women. Maternity Holdup suspenders click for detailed view of these MomAids.com solution to constant hitching up your paternity pants and shortsThese have Holdup's chrome plated patented no-slip suspender clips and x-back crisscross styling for maximum support and comfort. The beige soft poly-blend washable elastic fabric is 1-1/4" wide and has our patent pending "Flush Webbing" system with smooth invisible velcro type length adjustment strips. We also have a Plus-Since maternity suspender for the larger woman sold below.

 Similar to the elastic fabric used in a THICK ACE Bandage, these super flexible tan maternity suspenders were made to wear next to your skin. Try them out with maternity shorts, low or hi-rise jeans, casual or dress pants and skirts. It takes just seconds to release them from your waistband for those no hassle frequent bathroom trips. Another suspender style innovation in the fashion accessory industry from Holdup Suspender Company Inc. These maternity pant suspenders are the long awaited cure to pregnant women hitching up their pants thousands of times during a typical pregnancy. Another MomAids.com innovation solution... 

Finally a maternity suspender worn under loose fitting blouses that keeps your pants,shirts and shorts from sagging

Holdup Suspender Company introduces patented Under-Ups a maternity suspender made to wear under a loose fitting maternity blouse.

Multiple styles priced at $19.95 and $2.00 more for plus size styles. Below you'll see the inter-active slideshow of the Maternity Under-Ups by Holdup Suspenders made to wear hidden under your maternity Blouse or t-shirt.. click any photo to activate the Holdup Maternity Suspenders slide show.. click here for details and secure purchasing


Maternity Holdup suspenders are the easiest way for pregnant women to holdup their maternity pants and shorts Maternity Under-Ups have silver no-slip suspender clips Holdup no-slip clips in chrome finish are used to attach these maternity pant suspenders Maternity Holdup suspenders slip on like a backpack and attach with just 2 waistband clips New patented nude color Gripper clasps hold tighter the harder you pull on them Summary of features in our maternity pant clip-on suspenders that sell for 18.95 Super soft USA made elastic straps are washable and or no-slip chrome clips really do holdup your maternity pants and skirts Our Maternity pant suspenders have the nude color plastic Gripper clasps and silver metel clip choices  Our exclusive Velcro length adjustment system makes for simple tightening of the Holdup Maternity suspenders Maternity Holdups with nude color Grapper clasps are the perfect maternity shower gift These USA made maternity pant suspenders work to holdup your pants all during your 9 months with total comfort Keep you maternity pants UP with these soft Holdup clip-on undergarment suspender with quick release side clips Buy a pair of Holdup maternity pant clip-on suspenders made to wear all during your pregnancy in total comfort Comfortable pant clip-on suspenders for pregnant women from Holdup Suspender Company sell for 18.95 Holdup Maternity suspenders have an x-back style and attach at waisdt with 2 side clips

Introducing Holdup Sheet Stay-Downs™ fitted sheet suspender straps ($19.95/set) which will fit any size baby crib and adult full size mattress.

Holdup Sheet straps called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in in two set sizes.

Leave it to Holdup Suspender Company's founder to build a better sheet suspender, fitted sheet fasteners or crib sheet strap, to cure the common problem of fitted bed sheets coming loose as you toss & turn in bed. Holdup's bedding suspender are called a Sheet Stay-Downs™ and is sold in two lengths and attachment styles. Both feature our Patented composite plastic Gripper Clasp? and USA made soft elastic strap with a Velcro Type smooth length and tension adjustment system (Patent pending) . This patent pending sheet strap works to prevent Crib Deaths ( SIDS Stoppers) by simply securing fitted crib sheets and wetness barriers to keep infants from suffocating. All USA made inventions to help out Mom's will be explained and sold here...

The DUO (2 per pack) are longer bedding Stay-Down mattress suspenders adjustable to fit diagonally across any twin to king sized mattress... no matter the thickness. The other style is the Quad (4 per pack) Stay-Downs made to attach at the corners of your bed, that adjusts at either end using the Velcro type adjustment strip feature. Easy to use with sheets, pillow or feather bed tops, or mattress covers. All will be tightly held in place without harming any delicate fabric... unlike our competitor's inferior clips. Browse the below interactive slideshow and purchase both bedding suspender styles below for $19.95/kit.  We guarantee these are the finest sheet straps, sheet suspenders, elastic sheet garters, or sheet holders you can buy and back this up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back offer...

Click here for Sheet Stay-Downs crisscross straps and sheet corner straps by Holdup Suspender Company Detail order page
Click on below Stay-Down
images to view detail of our Patented Crib sheet straps

4 pack QUAD Sheet Stay-Downs are designed to hold across the corners of any size fitted sheet Detail view of the elastic sheet suspenders made to fit across the corners of any bed size fitted sheet or mattress cover. Velcro type length and tension adjustment system is built rigth into the Stay-Down bedding straps  Here are some simple to follow instructions on the Quad Sheet straps made in the USA by the Holdup Suspender Company Patented Gripper Clasp flips open and then clamps shut holding tight, without harm, even the finest sheet material

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Our Patent Pending Crib Sheet and bedding Stay-Down straps help prevent crib suffocations and SIDS

Download a .PDF article on Choking and SIDS related suffocation facts over last 10 years. Join in our MomAids new product discussion forum.. and suggest to other Moms ways to keep your babies safe and new must have time saving products.. The public discussion MomAids Forum is open for for tips and innovative products for busy Moms as well as articles on how to keep your Baby safe.... like this one! ... Click to download .pdf file

Ideas like a closet suspender organizer for hanging up your hubbies Holdup Suspender Collection

Patent pending on this simple suspnder hanger which holds up to 30 pair of clip-on suspenders

This suspender hanger and closet organizer can hold 30 pairs of clip on suspender braces clamped to the brass rod... click here to see details on this simple way to organize your suspender collection

MomAids.com will also feature great gifts for Dad's too... like the Undergarment suspenders shown below

These Hip-Clip Trucker style soft "under your shirt" suspender are so comfortable you'll forget your wearing them.
The above Under-Ups attach with just 2 Gripper Clasps at the side of your pants.

Jump to these featured MomAid.com must have featured innovative products.. Stay-Downs Crib Fitted Sheet straps + Maternity hidden Undergarment Suspenders Under-Ups? + Hang-Up suspender hanger closet organizer... We will be adding more Holdup Brand products based upon your feedback and suggestions in our forum

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